Licensing FAQ


  • Do you allow license upgrading?
    Yes, you can upgrade your license or add plugins at any later date.
  • Does Developer license work from subdomains?
    Yes, it does. However once issued you can't transfer license to another domain.
  • Can I use iFrames with Developer license?
    No, it won't work. License for does not allow any page on with an iframe
    pointing to You need an Enterprise license for this.
  • How do Site and SDK license differ?
    The number of sites (locations) that the end user software can be used at. An OEM license allows you to use the end user software at any number of sites. This is appropriate when the end user software will be distributed to others outside the organisation, or offered as an online service to any number of people, all in different physical locations. Some licenses allow you to deploy to a specified number of sites.
  • Does the license expire?
    No, All licenses are perpetual. You can continue using the software even after the
    free upgrades period expires.
  • How many developers and end users are allowed?
    We have kept our licensing model very simple. The license does not limit
    how many developers or end users can use the control at design-time or run-time.
  • If I buy Professional license will it work on my test/staging server?
    Yes, it will but in watermark mode.
  • Can I get a license issued to an IP or a PC name?
    Yes, you can.
  • Do I need a separate license for .NET Core?
    No, the same license works for Webforms, MVC & .Net Core.
  • I can buy a license just for .DOC or .PDF?
    No, we do not offer license based on file formats.
  • Is it mandatory to upgrade each year?
    No, however if upgrade is not done for 2 or more years then you need
    to pay for previous one year and the coming year.
  • What's the difference between a license and a subscription?
    When you buy a Doconut product you get two things: a license and a subscription. The license entitles you to use the software. The subscription entitles you to software updates for a year. The subscription expiry date is stored in the license so when you renew your subscription, you get a new license file.
  • Where can I find pricing information?
    Head to the pricing information page for further details.
  • Can two companies temporarily share a license agreement for a period of time?
    Doconut will not agree to licensing more than one company under a single order. Doconut’s products are licensed by the number of developers and deployment locations, to single entities. However, Doconut does offer temporary licenses which can be used in these cases..
  • Do we need a separate license for our build or CI (Continuous Integration) Server?
    No, the CI/CD server is not use to prenset the application to the client.

License Comparison Table

Description Developer Site SDK
Domains licensed 1
For use with web sites/apps
License type Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual
Commercial Deployments (third-party end users)
Updates and hotfixes for one year
Can be used to create unlimited applications
Subscription Renewal Discounts