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Doconut is a multiple file format ASP.NET online document viewer control for ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET 6.0, Blazor, Angular, SharePoint, and Plugins for Annotations, Search, and Print.
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Document Viewer Library

Doconut offers a robust document viewer library for .NET applications, supporting multiple file formats. Our ASP.NET document viewer control integrates seamlessly with Webforms, MVC, and .NET Core projects, providing features like annotation, search, and print. Enhance your business applications with Doconut's powerful document viewing capabilities.

PDF Viewer

Enhance your application with Doconut's .NET PDF Viewer. Our PDF viewer library for ASP.NET and .NET Core provides smooth and high-quality PDF rendering. Easily integrate our .NET document viewer to enable users to view, search, and interact with PDF documents seamlessly within your application. Doconut supports multiple file formats, ensuring versatile document viewing capabilities.

Modify PDF Online

With Doconut, you can modify PDF documents online effortlessly. Our tools allow you to add annotations, highlight text, and make PDFs searchable. Perfect for enhancing document management in your .NET applications, Doconut simplifies PDF customization and ensures a user-friendly experience.

What's New!

Upgrade Alert: Doconut 24.7.0 Brings Unmatched Viewer Enhancements! 🔥

  • Viewer Enhancements: The update includes significant improvements in viewer functionality across various file formats. The Excel Viewer supports seamless cell merging and accurately displays embedded images within spreadsheet cells. In PowerPoint Viewer, improvements ensure accurate chart rendering and optimized memory usage, particularly beneficial for handling complex presentations.
  • Viewer improvements: New configurations for PSD, TXT, and TIFF formats take document handling to the next level.
  • Bug Fixes: Resolve issues such as displaying the first page multiple times in documents, removing unnecessary white pages, and improving quality options.

Upgrade today and experience the future of document viewing with Doconut!

View, Annotate, Search

Doconut is a versatile library that supports multiple document formats.

  • Supports .NET Framework 4.7+, .NET Standard 2.0+, or .NET 6.0+
  • Works with all latest Desktop & Mobile browsers, including Chrome, Edge and Firefox
  • No plug-in required. No Flash or ActiveX
  • Supports PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, DWG, PSD, OpenOffice, Project, Visio, Tiff, and other multiple file formats
  • Includes search, annotation, PDF export, and printer plugins
  • Affordable cost! One-time fees with royalty-free distribution

Cross-browser and mobile-friendly ASP.NET document viewer control that also supports ASP.NET MVC Razor, ASP.NET Core, .NET 6.0, Blazor, Angular, and SharePoint. With Doconut, you can easily enable document viewing capabilities in your ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Docker, & Angular projects. Works well with Azure, AWS, or any other cloud web hosting that supports .NET apps. Doconut is easy to use with lots of properties and JavaScript methods that you can call from the client. It supports many file formats, covering all commonly used formats like Microsoft Office (Word/Doc, Excel/Xls, PowerPoint/Ppt), Acrobat PDF, TIFF, Images, and multiple file formats. Whether you are working on an ASP.NET project or integrating with ASP.NET Core applications, Doconut ensures a seamless document viewing experience. Our .NET document viewer is designed to handle complex file types efficiently, making it an essential tool for developers using ASP.NET and .NET technologies. Explore the versatility of Doconut and enhance your applications with robust document viewing capabilities.

Doconut Software Details

  • Category: Document Viewer
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • Last Version: 24.7.0
Doconut .NET Document Viewer
See it in action!

Upload your own file, or try our various demo pages that display vast array of document viewing features and customizations. Doconut supports multiple file formats including PDF documents and offers a robust document viewer library for .NET. If you have any questions about our .NET document viewer, please feel free to contact us.