Welcome to our .NET Document Viewer Demos

Explore the powerful features of our ASP.NET Document Viewer through our various demo options:

.NET Framework 4.7

Experience the full capabilities of our ASP.NET Document Viewer with this comprehensive demo.

ASP .NET Webforms Full Demo

For a lighter version of our Document Viewer, check out our minimal demo designed for simplicity and efficiency.

ASP .NET Webforms Minimal Demo

Dive into our MVC-specific demo to see how our Document Viewer seamlessly integrates with ASP.NET MVC frameworks.

MVC Demo

Explore our Document Viewer with built-in annotation features in this MVC-specific demo.

Annotation MVC Demo 

Discover how easy it is to annotate documents in ASP.NET with our dedicated annotation demo.

Annotation ASP .NET Demo

Test the search functionality of our Document Viewer with this demo, perfect for finding specific content within PDF documents

Pdf Search 

Experience the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integrated into our Document Viewer, allowing you to search through scanned documents effortlessly.

OCR Search

Experience the versatility of our viewer within an iframe.

.NET Viewer Iframe 

.NET Standard 2.0 / .NET Core 3.1

Experience the power of our document viewer seamlessly integrated with .NET Core. Explore the full capabilities of our viewer within the .NET Core environment.

.NET Core MVC Demo

Witness the seamless integration of our document viewer with Blazor, the popular framework for building interactive web applications using C# and .NET.

.NET Core Blazor Demo

Explore our document viewer in the context of Angular, the widely-used platform for building dynamic web applications.

.NET Core Angular Demo

.NET 6 or higher

Our viewer in native .NET 6 MVC, allowing you to view your PDF, XLSX, DOCX, DWG, PPT, and many other formats.


Discover the power of our document viewer combined with .NET 8 and Blazor, allowing you to build interactive web applications with ease.

.NET 8 + Blazor

Explore our document viewer integrated with .NET 8 and React, enabling you to create dynamic and responsive web applications.

.NET 8 + React


Get a closer look at the powerful features of our document viewer through screenshots captured, including annotation and search functionalities. Dive into the interface and discover how seamlessly our viewer integrates into your workflow, offering intuitive tools for document management.

You can now annotate document pages with various annotations with our new annotation plug-in. Add various shapes like rectangle, circle, ellipse, triangle, line, arrow and other objects like stamp, freehand, text notes. Have a fully featured document editing, collaboration and quality check (QC) application! 

Introducing the most awaited and important feature of search within documents!

You can now search within document pages with our new annotation plug-in. Currently supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages, you can seach for exact or matching keywords, the viewer sets focus over matching results. You can browse the pages that contain your search word. Very fast and accurate Ajax based online search, only with DoCoNut!