New Releases

July 15, 2024 - version 24.7.0

  • Enhancement: Add new property TimeZoneOffset in EmailConfig. The TimeZoneOffset property represents the time difference between the local time and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This offset is used to adjust the message dates accordingly.
  • Enhancement: New Configurations: We have added support for the following new configurations across all .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET 6.0 versions:
    • PSD: PsdConfig
    • TXT: TxtConfig
    • TIFF: TiffConfig
  • These new configurations enhance the flexibility and capability of our document handling, enabling a broader range of file formats to be used seamlessly within your applications.
  • Viewer Enhancements
    • CAD Viewer:
      • Alternative Rendering for DGN Files: Added support for new render of DGN files.
      • Optimized Loading Time: Improved loading times for faster and more efficient project viewing.
      • Optimized Vectorization Results: Achieved more accurate and detailed image-to-vector conversions.
    • Excel Viewer
      • Image Recoloring: Added the ability to render duotones, enhancing visual representation within your spreadsheets.
      • Color Adjustments: Introduced functions for adjusting color saturation and color temperature for images, providing greater control over image appearance.
    • Email Viewer
      • Introduced a new rendering option to enhance the display and handling of email documents.
    • Image Viewer
      • SVG Format Detection Fix: Addressed an issue where SVG formats were not being detected correctly, ensuring proper handling and display of SVG images within the viewer.
      • EPS Rendering Resolution: Resolved rendering issues related to EPS files, improving the accuracy and quality of EPS image displays.
    • MHT Viewer
      • Added support for new render of MHT files.
    • PDF Viewer
      • Multi-Layer PDF Display Fix: Addressed an issue where multi-layer PDF documents were not displaying correctly within the viewer.
    • PSD Viewer
      • Performance Enhancements: Implemented optimizations to improve the loading speed and overall performance of PSD file rendering within the viewer.
    • PowerPoint Viewer
      • Addressed an issue where fonts were changed and hyperlinks were inadvertently removed after replacing text within presentations.
    • Project Viewer
      • Multi-page Generation Fix: Resolved an issue with multi-page generation specifically targeted for .NET 6.0. This fix ensures accurate and reliable creation of multi-page documents within the viewer, enhancing its functionality and performance for users.
    • Word Viewer
      • Implemented additional render to optimize the presentation and management of documents across diverse formats supported by the viewer.
    • Visio Viewer
      • Extended Rendering Capability: Introduced a new render to enhance the display and handling of documents across supported formats.
      • Resolved issues with options not working as expected, ensuring smoother user experience and improved application stability.
    • XPS Viewer
      • Added support for new render of XPS files.
  • Fixed: Only displays the first page multiple times. Also, adds the option to remove white pages at the end and includes high-quality options. Added to all .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and NET 6.0.
  • Fixed: An issue was identified where an exception is thrown when CallContext is null. CallContext isn’t compatible with the “thread agility” model of ASP.NET. At unpredictable intervals, ASP.NET may switch threads, leaving CallContext behind. This issue has been fixed to ensure smoother operation when using the viewer in asynchronous tasks.

June 17, 2024 - version 24.6.0

  • Viewer Enhancements
  • CAD Viewer
    • Optimized loading time, allowing for faster and more efficient viewing of your projects.
    • Enhanced export of insert entities, reducing errors and improving data integrity.
    • Optimized vectorization results, providing more accurate and detailed conversions of images to vectors.
    • DXF Text: Improved text linearization, enhancing readability and consistency across different platforms and applications.
  • Email Viewer
    • Accurate Date Handling: Addressed a bug that caused incorrect date recalculations when the TimeZone information was missing during file loading.
    • Enhanced EMLX Support: The viewer has been improved to provide a better experience when working with EMLX email files.
  • EPUB Viewer
    • Enhanced EPUB Viewer Performance: Implemented significant performance optimizations to deliver a faster and smoother EPUB reading experience. You'll notice quicker page loading, reduced lag, and an overall more responsive viewer.
    • Refined Paragraph Processing: Paragraph rendering has been improved to ensure accurate and consistent formatting across all EPUB files.
  • Excel Viewer
    • Seamless Cell Merging: It now supports viewing merged cells exactly as they appear in the original Excel file, ensuring a clear and accurate representation of data layout.
    • Embedded images within spreadsheet cells can now be displayed, allowing users to view charts, graphs, or logos.
    • Text direction and row height within tables are now displayed more accurately.
  • MHT Viewer
    • Extensive performance optimizations in the MHT viewer, resulting in a significant reduction in loading times and overall responsiveness when opening and viewing MHT files.
    • Image rendering within MHT files has been optimized, resulting in sharper, clearer, and more accurate image display.
  • PowerPoint Viewer
    • Accurate Chart Rendering: Discrepancies in chart label color and style have been addressed.
    • Optimized Memory Usage: The viewer has been optimized to require less memory when processing complex PowerPoint presentations.
    • Reliable Hyperlink Functionality: An issue that caused hyperlinks to display incorrectly has been resolved.
  • Project Viewer
    • Precise Unit Display: Doconut now eliminates rounding errors when reading Asn.Units from MPP files.
    • Portrait View Option: The viewer is improved to view MPP files in portrait orientation.
    • An issue that caused incorrect writing of zero duration tasks has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Improved focus handling: An issue where focus was unintentionally captured by the parent page when the viewer was embedded inside an iframe. This solution ensures a smoother user experience within iframe environments.
  • Fixed: An issue that caused the final page of a document to be cropped at the margins when printing.

May 31, 2024 - version 24.5.3

  • Feature: Custom Fonts Support for PowerPoint Files. Added support for custom fonts in PowerPoint files to prevent automatic font substitution if the font is not installed on the operating system. This ensures that presentations retain their intended appearance.
  • Feature: Doconut License Integration: You can now add a Doconut license through XMLDocument, Stream, or Path. The software also automatically detects if the license is added in the default directory.
  • Feature: Memory Usage Optimization. Enhanced memory management in Doconut to reduce memory usage, leading to more efficient performance and the ability to handle larger documents more effectively.
  • Enhancement: Improved the performance of the PDF viewer, particularly for PDF documents that include images. This enhancement ensures faster loading times and a smoother, more efficient viewing experience for image-rich PDFs.
  • Enhancement: Boosted the performance of the CAD viewer, offering a more efficient and fluid viewing experience. Additionally, page proportions of the documents are now handled better, ensuring more accurate and visually consistent renderings.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue that caused problems when viewing single-page or multi-page TIFF and TIF files, ensuring proper display and navigation.
  • Fixed: Resolved an error that occurred when viewing DWG files from AutoCAD, providing a more reliable and accurate rendering.

April 15, 2024 - version 24.4.0

  • Enhancement: Significant improvements have been made to the CAD and DGN engine, enhancing the calculation of area and lengths within the viewer. Users can now expect faster and more accurate results when performing calculations related to these metrics.
  • Enhancement: The Excel engine has been optimized for improved performance, particularly when handling large files. Users will notice faster loading times and smoother navigation when working with extensive Excel spreadsheets.
  • Enhancement: The PowerPoint engine has undergone optimization to enhance performance and stability. Improve accurate display of mathematical equations and symbols and whitespace between words is displayed correctly.
  • Enhancement: Optimized PSD engine for improved performance and stability. Enhanced text rendering in PSD files for sharper and more accurate display. Added support for vertical text direction.
  • Fixed: Resolved issues about the addition of a custom watermark to the document viewer where certain parameters were not functioning previously. Users can now customize the font, transparency, font size, and angle seamlessly.
  • Fixed: Addressed errors encountered when opening PowerPoint files. Users should now experience smoother file opening processes without encountering issues.

March 25, 2024 - version 24.3.2

  • Feature: - Doconut .NET 6 released. Support for .NET 6 ensures seamless integration and optimal performance for users.
  • Feature: - Added to Nuget repository.
  • Enhancement: - Optimizes PDF loading speeds by enhancing image usage, while also improving the rendering of non-English characters for enhanced readability and performance.
  • Enhancement: - Upgraded features in Word processing functionality offer users enhanced style viewing. Improved compatibility with Word 2016 documents.
  • Enhancement: - For Visio files, the visualization is improved where shapes were not connected correctly within multiple levels of groups, resulting in broken lines and elements extending out of frame.
  • Enhancement: - For image files, optimization of memory usage for rendering vector formats. By implementing a step-by-step loading/rendering approach for each record, efficient resource utilization and improved performance during image processing are ensured.
  • Enhancement: - Introduces the ability to apply custom cultures to display integer, decimal, and datetime types with a specific format.
  • Enhancement: - Allow flexibility in licensing by allowing the loading of licenses via stream, enabling secure implementation on alternate servers, or directly through a string within the code.
  • Fixed - The problem in PDF files when viewing a document with checkboxes and they appeared unchecked instead of checked.
  • Fixed - Fix support to add custom watermark strings on viewer documents.
  • Important: For all .NET projects, update Newtonsoft.Json 13.0.3
  • Important: In NET 8, add System.Text.Encoding.CodePages 7.0.0.

February 14 2024 / ver

  • Enhancement - Improved performance improvement for PDF resulting in faster and more efficient document handling.
  • Enhancement - Upgraded Microsoft Word file viewer for DOC files, enhanced style display. Users can now benefit from improved display of math formulas embedded in the documents.
  • Enhancement - Enhanced Visio file viewer for VSD files, fixing the issue where shapes were not connected properly within multiple levels of groups. The update ensures that lines are now correctly maintained within the frame. Performance improvements for an optimized user experience.
  • Enhancement - Addressed performance degradation in the Project files viewer. Resolved an issue where existing graphical indicators were not preserved when viewing MPP files, ensuring accurate representation.
  • Enhancement - The email file engine was improved where encoded emails were being incorrectly interpreted, ensuring accurate and reliable reading of such encoded messages.
  • Bug - The display of DWG files is more accurate. Left/right padding appears with the correct dimensions.
  • Bug - Fixed issue in the PDF viewer where hyperlinks in documents caused errors when loading.

January 05 2024 / ver

  • Enhancement - Compatibility and performance with Microsoft Visio files, addressing various aspects to ensure a smoother user experience.
  • Enhancement - Added new sample projects to work with AWS S3 and Azure.
  • Bug - Fixed issue to prevent text resizing in stamp annotations.
  • Bug - Fixed in the annotation addon: previously, exporting a PDF file with any annotations, moving one of them, and exporting again would result in duplicated annotations for the user.
  • Bug - Fixed issue causing blurry rendering of DWG files.
  • Bug - Fixed issue where the header content in Excel files was incorrectly positioned at the top left of the sheet content. The header content now displays correctly in its intended position.

October 25 2023 / ver

January 15 2022 / ver

  • Important: Update ExportAnnotationToPdf name changed to ExportAnnotationsToPdf
  • Update ExportToPdf expects no parameters and exports to a native pdf only
  • New ExportToPdf with a filePath overload
  • Update speed improvements in annotation pdf export calls
  • New FixInvalidImages option in PdfConfig, default is false
  • New method ExportToPdfImage for exporting documents to image based Pdf files, non native
  • New ExportAnnotationsToPdf function can now export to a native Pdf, use parameter nativePdf = true
  • New ExcelConfig options ExportPdf, ExportOnePagePerSheet, RemoveEmptyContent
  • New Config option CachePages, can be set to false to reduce memory usage
  • New sample showing pdf 'Keyword Search F3' under Miscellaneous samples folder
  • New function AddCheckboxes() code in Minimal solution under Webforms samples folder
  • New annotation functionality added in Acrobat Pdf Theme under Miscellaneous samples folder
  • Improved memory management .NET 4.7 & .NET Core
  • DOT, DOTX, DOTM extensions added
  • XLSB extension added
  • DGN extension added

August 01 2022 / ver

  • New Watermark can now use RGB color (integer)
  • New Session restriction feature added in .Net Core
  • New IP restriction feature added in web farm mode (both .Net 4.7 and Core)
  • New DoconutOptions in UseDoconut() Middleware
  • New parameter perPageThread in ExportToPng
  • New parameter grayScale in ExportToPdf
  • New ExcelConfig options ConvertPdf, PdfConfig, ExportOnePagePerSheet
  • Update InitCache in .Net core requires a valid and initialized document instance
  • Update ExportPdfA and ConvertPdf are true by default now for ProjectConfig and VisioConfig
  • Fix touch support, .NET Core/Blazor/Docker projects should update the docViewer.js
  • Improvements in rendering for all document types

April 02 2022 / ver

  • New .Net 6 compatible
  • New Angular sample added
  • New ExportToPdfWatermark method
  • New Annotation code behind API
  • New GetPdfBookmarks method to get bookmarks from a PDF
  • New Define a custom license path <add key="DoconutLicensePath" value="~/Licenses" />
  • New SetWatermark method has a new overload with bitmap param
  • Improvements in rendering for all document types

Feb 01 2022 / ver

  • Update: .NET framework minimum required version is 4.7
  • Update: IncludeJqueryUI property is now false by default
  • Update: Blazor sample updated with a loading animation
  • New Cloud support for Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Google, DropBox, Redis, FTP, CDN
  • New ExportToCloud method for saving document to cloud
  • New UploadToCloud method for uploading a folder to cloud
  • New InitCache method to speed up first document viewing
  • New LargeDocument sample in Miscellaneous folder
  • New Cloud sample folder added
  • New SplitToPdf and MergeFromPdf methods
  • New client side event OnViewerError
  • New client side event AutoLoadStatus
  • New client side ClearCloud method to free-up server resources
  • New bool parameter for client side Close call to free-up server
  • Fix Slides with no pages exception message added
  • Fix BouncyCastle exception when viewing certain pdf files
  • Fix Pdf links throwing exception for certain pdf files
  • Fix AutoLoad true causes navigation and zoom issues
  • Fix Search result div not resizing
  • Fix Zoom and FitType calls slow for large page count

Sep 01 2021 / ver

  • New Search can be performed on a Pdf document without an OCR or SRH file
  • New AllowSearch option added to allow direct search in a Pdf document
  • New Text can be copied from a Pdf document, set CopyMode(true). Available to search plugin license holders
  • New AllowCopy option added to allow text copy in a Pdf document
  • New SaveSearch() method to get Srh file directly from a Pdf Document
  • New Pdf links available when using PdfConfig, DefaultRender as false
  • New ConvertPdf option added in PptConfig
  • New JavaScript Api call to know document format, FileFormat();
  • Fix Empty worksheet causing exceptions in certain excel files
  • Fix Document links parent div element resize
  • Fix Search parent div element resize
  • Fix Focus moving to thumbnails while clicking page
  • Fix Close instance error when opening Tif files
  • Improvements in rendering for all document types

May 25 2021 / ver

  • Blazor sample added
  • Razor pages sample added
  • New Sample solutions, Slide Viewer, Pdf Viewer added
  • .NET Core, splitter.css removed & viewer.css updated
  • Improvements in CAD viewer
  • New TifConfig; DefaultRender option in TIF viewer
  • New SetWatermark method. Use Image now as a watermark
  • New CloseDocument static method with token overload
  • New ExportAnnotationsToPng method
  • New ExportToPng overload with export a page range
  • New DoconutPageWaitTimeSeconds web.config setting for WebFarm. PageWaitTimeSeconds in .Net Core
  • New DoconutStartWaitFromPage web.config setting for WebFarm. StartWaitFromPage in .Net Core
  • New IsWebfarm option. WebFarm path in .Net Core
  • New Search support in WebFarm mode
  • New in Note annotation, Use * for a new line
  • New WordConfig option, RemovePaperMargin
  • Fix in Note annotation, 0 font size bug fixed when auto sizing texts
  • Fix for pdf DefaultRender=false option not showing certain pdf elements
  • Fix few Console JS errors
  • Fix in Annotation save bug in .Net Core
  • Improvements in rendering for all document types

Feb 15 2021 / ver

  • New GetRotateInfo method to get document rotate info
  • New DefaultRender option in PdfConfig in .NET core; use false for Linux/Docker
  • New document page Flip feature (JavaScript call)
  • New EmailCofig SkipExternalImages
  • New ExcelConfig options AutoFitContents, ShowRowColumnHeaders
  • Update in WordConfig and EmailConfig (related to PdfConfig)
  • Update in ExportToPng (speed improvement)
  • Fix Freehand annotation scroll issue
  • Fix spacing improvement in FitWidth, FitHeight function
  • Fix thumbnail & viewer’s tooltip css padding
  • Fix document’s hyperlink tooltip
  • Fix Excel formula not showing up
  • Fix Pdf link parsing exception for RichMediaAnnotation

Nov 01 2020 / ver

  • OpenDocument Uri overload will now try to identify the document type
  • Webfarm support for annotation (both WebForms and .Net core)
  • Using jQuery version 3.5.1 by default
  • jQuery UI version and css upgraded to latest version
  • HideThumbs function bug fixed when splitter UI is missing
  • Culture option in excel config added for date display issue
  • Annotation’s pdf export quality and speed improvement
  • Improvements in line, note and stamp annotations

July 20 2020 / ver

  • Viewing enhancements for all document types
  • Improvements in Diskimage handler
  • New Webfarm, load balancer support for .NET core
  • DWG, MPP & VSD native support added in .NET core
  • New OpenDocumentService to use in console app, webservice or windows forms. Available with distribution license only
  • New ImageConfig, MaxImagePixelSize; TransparentPng config for Png image types
  • New HyperlinksPageCount in PdfConfig to limit link scan
  • New ImageResolution at config level
  • New DefaultRender config for CAD format
  • New Support for 3D in CAD, when using DefaultRender false
  • New method ExportAnnotationToPdf when exporting large (many pages) annotated files to pdf
  • Fix rotation bug in Diskimage handler
  • Help information added for Linux and Docker installation

Jan 08 2020 / ver

  • Fix, for large Project / MPP files were throwing exception
  • Fix, for Word files when using with ConvertPdf as true
  • New, config option PdfMargins in DWG when publishing to pdf

Aug 15 2019 / ver

  • New, increase text sharpness while viewing documents. Use FixedZoom=”true”
  • New, FixedZoom, FixedZoomPercent & FixedZoomPercentMobile properties
  • New, word, html and pdf documents can now show clickable links
  • New, Search MVC sample with real-time search after upload
  • Fix, excel viewing with just images inside
  • Fix, watermark font not adjusting as per page size
  • Fix, text annotation border overlap issue

July 01 2019 / ver

  • Adding a ^ character before WatermarkInfo will have watermark in all four corners
  • New web.config setting to hide DocImage.axd contents
  • Fix page reload bug on resizing browser
  • New ExcelConfig options PaperSize, PaperMargins, PaperLandscape, ShowEmptyWorkSheets

May 01 2019 / ver

  • Moving after rotation bug fixed for annotations
  • Added watermark support when using DiskHandler
  • Fix zoom and fittype bug for excel with split as false
  • New ImageConfig added for image file types
  • New Refit() JavaScript call added to viewer for resizing
  • New option to view MSG/EML as HTML (requires plugin)
  • New ExcelViewer, PagePreview, Documents sample pages added

February 20 2019 / ver

  • Added support for .NET core / standard
  • Added PDF-A support for export
  • Fixed error when viewing empty excel files
  • Added new modern UI for MVC sample
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

September 15 2018 / ver

  • Improved support for Excel export
  • Search now supports multiple words / phrases
  • Fix for jQuery 3.0+ scroll bug
  • Added touch zoom in/out in Mobile.aspx sample
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

July 15 2018 / ver

  • Improved support for AutoCAD format
  • Improved Html file rendering for non ASCII
  • Support for latest jQuery 3.0+ (if using external)
  • Better PDF format export
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

April 15 2018 / ver

  • Improved support for AutoCAD format
  • Html plugin now supports Windows 2016 server
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

December 06 2017 / ver

  • Added "OnPageClicked" event for viewer
  • New DocumentConfig options for PDF & Email formats
  • New GetDocumentFormat method to know file formats
  • Support for AutoCAD 2018 file format
  • Removed "Submit Query" text visible on page image
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

August 24 2017 / ver

  • Support for MVC Razor (refer new MVC project)
  • New DCN (search) server project provided with samples
  • Fixed Annotation border size to match drawing
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 01 2017 / ver

  • Improvements in CAD format viewing, added DXF support
  • Added custom configurations support, DocumentConfig.dll
  • Threading added to DiskImageHandler viewer
  • Fixed bugs in text annotation
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

October 01 2016 / ver

  • Improvements in CAD format viewing
  • New LargeDoc property to view large documents quickly
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 01 2016 / ver

  • Added support for MHT document type
  • Improvements in Tiff format viewing
  • SafeLoad option now used in Excel to PDF export
  • SafeLoad as false now loads all worksheet pages
  • New ExportToPdf overload for exporting large documents
  • Freehand annotation bugs fixed
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

September 10 2015 / ver

  • Fixed Annotation plug-in load issue
  • Fixed Annotation Ajax saving issue
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 31 2015 / ver

  • Support for client side JavaScript events, see Events.aspx
  • Stamp annotation control improved
  • Mobile support added for creating annotations
  • ShowAnnotations function now accepts page number
  • New property MaxZoom
  • New javascript function VisiblePages()
  • Bug fixed when annotating multiple documents
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

October 15 2014 / ver

  • Annotation can be created, drawing from any direction
  • Arrow annotation rendering improved
  • Annotation sample page enhanced with navigation
  • Thumbnails now show annotations
  • Support for CSV added
  • New WatermarkInfo and AutoClose property added
  • New Folder.aspx and FlipPage.aspx sample pages added
  • jQuery and jQuery UI updated to version 1.11.1
  • Increase in viewing speed and better memory management

July 31 2014 / ver

  • New properties AutoLoadPages and CacheEnabled
  • Support for OpenOffice formats ODT, ODS and ODP
  • New function to hide specific pages of document
  • Asp.Net print now supports landscape or mixed mode
  • SVG and EPUB are no longer supported
  • Password sample page added
  • User Control sample page added
  • New help pdf file for DocImage.axd handler
  • Minor viewing enhancements for all document types

May 15 2014 / ver

  • New properties added for tooltip and zoom functions
  • New Mobile, Update Panel and iFrame samples added
  • Bug in HTML and MPP fixed
  • Support for EPUB & SVG formats discontinued
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

February 20 2014 / ver

  • New function for exporting documents to PDF
  • New Office Ribbon.aspx sample page added with real-time viewer resizing
  • Bug in Word and Dicom fixed
  • New Support for EPUB & SVG formats
  • Viewing enhancements for all document types

December 25 2013 / ver

  • Smooth text annotations and new image annotation type
  • Note annotation now support non ASCII characters
  • New property IncludeJQueryUI to have your own reference
  • New property BasePath to use with MVC
  • New JavaScript property IsLoaded
  • Fix for Excel, PowerPoint and CAD formats

June 01 2013 / ver

  • Added search function (optional plugin)
  • Better support for XLS files

March 29 2013 / ver

  • New property added: FitType (use values ‘width’ or ‘height’)
  • You can also change FitType from javascript api
  • Support added for TXT files
  • Print Silverlight window now has icons instead of text
  • Fixed bug for MSG files

March 15 2013 / ver

  • You can now save documents to a common .DCN format

Feb 20 2013 /

  • Added print support which requires silverlight
  • Added annotation support. This is a paid plugin